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Sahasralinga, Sirsi, A place in western ghats known for Shiv Linga

October 17th, 2011 by The Tour Planners - Admin

Sahasralinga word is a mixture of 2 words Sahastra which means thousand (1000) and Linga representing Shiv linga.

Sahasralinga, a very significant place in Uttara Kannada also known as North Canara or North Kanara comes under the district ‘Sirsi’, the southern Indian State of Karnataka. This place is around 10km from the town centre.The significance of this place lies in the fact that the river flowing through the city gives you a beautiful view to watch numerous sculptures inside it.

It is on the bank of river Shalmala. The river is surrounded by lush green forests.The place is quite secluded, except during “Maha Shivratri” celebrations when it receives a sizeable number of pilgrims from the surrounding areas.

As per history, all these shiva lingas were built by Sadashivaraya,king of Sirsi (1678-1718). You can found various figures been build over it like Basava/bulls (carved in front of the shivalingas), saints, people doing puja and archana, Lord of Snakes etc. The stream is full of thousands of Shivlinga of different sizes and shapes scattered all around. This aspect of the place makes it a cool place to chill out for both pilgrims and nature lovers.


Although you will not find any hotel or food shop near around, but still this place is one of the favourite tourists spot who prefer bringing in their own packed food.


Best way to reach the destination

Jeeps are the best mode of transport here. Hire a jeep from Sirsi for around 20km to this place.


Other Near by Places :

There are more then 20 seasonal waterfall near around like Kumbri falls, Shivganga falls etc and places like Benne Hole.


Photo Courtesy : Jinu John

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  1. RAMA says:

    we plan to visit Sirsi. any simple homestay or place where good clean vegetarian food is provided? we do not plan staying and from Sirsi to Hornadu does the bus pass through Shrigeri ?

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