Drinking banned on Goa’s beaches

PANAJI: Persons carrying liquor glass bottles and drinking on Goa’s beaches will soon be history as the state tourism department has directed the Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) not to allow anybody to step on the beach with alcohol or glass bottles.

Persons carrying liquor glass bottles and drinking on Goa's beaches will soon be history as the state tourism department has directed the Indian Reserve Battalion not to allow anybody to step on the beach with alcohol.

During the fortnightly meeting between tourism department and IRB, the decision to ban liquor and bottles on beaches was conveyed to IRB staff.

IRB has been deployed on the Goa beaches to provide round the clock security.

“Implementation of this has begun,” a senior tourism department official told TOI. The official also said the department received complaints that tourists are being injured after stepping on broken liquor bottles on the beaches.

Locals who picnic on the beaches will also be affected by this order as they will no longer be able to take alcoholic drinks with them.

Through this decision tourism department wants to stop tourists drinking on beaches and the breaking of bottles on beach by drunken tourists.

The official also said that the rise in crimes against women across the country led to this decision. “To prevent eve teasing incidents on Goan beaches we have taken this step,” the official said.

People can now only drink at licensed premises where liquor is served. This includes shacks and hotels. “Domestic tourists coming to Goa, buy liquor in bulk from wholesale stores and enter beaches with snacks which is one of the reasons for littering on beaches. This will also help to keep beaches clean,” the official said.

The tourism official said IRB has been instructed to first politely request people not to take liquor bottles to beaches, and consume alcohol in licensed premises. If the people refuse then IRB officers have been asked to take the bottles away from the tourists.

Source: The Times of India

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I want to share one of my Picture for the contest “Wish You were here Contest”. This click is been taken on one of my recent Trek to Dudhsagar Falls on Goa-Karnataka Border. The person I want to was with me is my Wife “Surabhi”. It will be a great honour if I can surprise her by this Contest.

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Good Friday

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Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.
– Bible, I Peter (ch. II, v. 24)

The Friday before Easter is the most solemn day for Christians – it is the day on which Jesus Christ died on the cross. This day is known as Good Friday, Holy Friday, Great Friday or Black Friday. As such, Good Friday is a day of mourning, and all the ceremonies and rituals of the day are centered on the feeling of sorrow, at the pain and humiliation that Jesus underwent for the cause of goodness and humanity. The message of Good Friday is that the dictum of “an eye for an eye” cannot work. The way to conquer evil is through good. Similarly, violence can be overcome only by non-violence and hatred by love.

Good Friday

Good Friday is devoted to fasting and prayer, as a way of following the example of Jesus, who stressed the role of prayer in the struggle to conquer evil. The service consists of prayers and readings from the Bible. In many churches, a piece of wood in the shape of the cross is kept. People pray before the cross and kiss it. Jesus is believed to have died on the Cross at three in the afternoon. Therefore, the traditional service lasts for three hours from noon. Some churches concentrate less on prayers, and instead, encourage people to become involved in charitable deeds.

Friday Calendar:
2011 = April 22
2012 = April 6
2013 = March 29
2014 = April 18
2015 = April 3

Why is Good Friday referred to as “good”? What the Jewish authorities and Romans did to Jesus was definitely not good . However, the results of Christ’s death are very good!  “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”. “For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive by the Spirit.”

In some churches, mourners wear black and enact the Passion of Christ – scenes of Christ’s crucifixion and burial. Many churches cover the cross and the altar with mourning black, and do not light any candles. At other churches, candles are lit, but they are extinguished one by one, with the last one being put out at the moment denoting Jesus’ death. The church bells are not rung on Good Friday. Catholic churches follow the tradition of the Stations of the Cross. People pass before paintings depicting the important scenes of the last hours of Jesus’ life, reciting prayers and singing hymns.

Top seven places to visit in India

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INDIA is a vast country and there are several places of tourist interests that can be explored for a delightful and enchanting experience. Travel and tourism in the country provides a delightful experience with a superb blend of culture, tradition, spirituality, natural beauty and modernisation.
In fact, the county is the land of amazing diversity and its diversity can be observed in all its realms. There are several enchanting travel destination in the country like Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Golden Triangle, Taj Mahal (Agra), Delhi, Himalayan Region, Kashmir, Backwaters, Wildlife, etc. Exploring these globally acclaimed destinations of the country provides delightful experience of India tourism. Below is information about seven topmost travel destinations of the country. Often tourists plan to visit these destinations in India.
Taj Mahal: India’s star attraction
Taj Mahal is considered as one of the seven wonders of the world. It is located on the banks of River Yamuna in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Built in white marble, it is one of the most beautiful monuments in the world. It is the symbol of eternal love. This beautiful monument of love was built by great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his beloved wife Rani Mumtaz Mahal after her death. It is one of the must visit attractions of the country. Every year, a large gathering of tourists visit this exquisite love monument and do not forget to praise its architecture, beauty and of course to imagine the beauty of Mumtaz Mahal. Worth visiting!
Rajasthan: The land of forts and kings
Rajasthan is a widely acclaimed travel destination of India. It has a wide range of tourist options like heritage tourism, cultural tourism, wildlife tourism, camel safari of rippling sand dunes, etc. There are several magnificent forts and palaces in this state, showing the glorious past of its erstwhile rulers and kings. Some of forts and palaces of the state have now been converted into heritage hotels offering world class accommodation with luxury and unique Indian hospitality. Staying a few days at Rajasthan palace hotels is truly a delightful experience.
Kerala: God’s own country
Kerala is one of the most beautiful states of India. It is globally famous travel destination blessed with exceptional natural beauty. Beautiful beaches, breathtaking backwaters, luxurious houseboats, beautiful temples, verdant hill stations, beautiful landscapes, rich culture and tradition, exotic cuisine, etc are prime attractions of Kerala. Definitely exploring Kerala is an ecstatic experience.
Himalayan regions
Himalayan regions are very popular amongst tourists who like to enjoy adventure and sports, explore the beautiful landscapes, explore rich flora and fauna, and explore pilgrimage centres. This region covers the states of Kashmir (the paradise on the earth), Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. Exploring the Himalayan region Kashmir provides one of the best Indian tour experiences. Himalayan regions also provide opportunity to indulge in thrilling adventure and sports. Also you can visit several religious and pilgrimage sites like Vaishno Devi Temple in Jammu, Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh and several ancient temples in Kullu and Manali. These religious spots are very popular destinations for India pilgrimage tour.
Goa: The land of sun, sand and surf
Goa is the smallest state of India but is extremely popular destination for international tourists. Beaches, Churches, culture, etc are prime attractions of Goa tours.
Khajuraho: The city of exotic temples
Khajuraho is a well-known travel destination of India. It is widely acclaimed for its beautiful architectural temples of love. You can see several beautifully engraved sculptures on the walls of the temples. The perfect balance between architecture and sculpture surely enchants you.
New Delhi: The capital of India
New Delhi, the capital of India is one of the major tourist destinations of the country. There are numerous attractions in this historic city like Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Qutub Minar, India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb, Lotus Temple, Akshardham Temple, Rajghat, Birla Temple, ISKON temple, President’s House, Old Fort and many more.